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Pioneers of wood cladding manufacturing

Our main product is handcrafted wood cladding. Haradeco wood cladding uses 100% local materials and assembled by professional wood craftsmen. Haradeco consistently maintains consumer trust and quality by applying strict quality control to each and every piece of the cladding. We consistently develop our product to adapt to market tastes. To ensure that our products reach consumers worldwide, we expand our network and establish cooperation with well-known chain stores abroad. With a production capacity of up to 50 containers per month, Haradeco wood cladding are 90% exported world wide.

Wood is one of the most durable and environmentally raw materials available. If cared for properly, wood can last for years. There are various ways that wood can achieve a certain level of beauty. You can do painting, chiseling or giving a touch of pattern to beautify wood elements as decoration materials. Many interior designers consider wood to be the best material. Wood can completely change the atmosphere of a place.

Haradeco wood cladding is a handcrafted artwork made from eco-friendly wood to line the walls, so it generates a valuable, classy, and magnificent design for your room. The beauty of our wall claddings comes from the union of naturally beautiful wood pieces with the artistic touch of human design, making them new and unique. On top of that, the rustic touch and magnificent colors enhance the beauty in every part of the panels.

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